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Master Your Destiny

August 25th, 2017

Destiny is defined as the inevitable or necessary succession of events. The words inevitable or necessary don’t need to determine your future because you can control it. Most people believe that destiny is a predetermined fate. I disagree. You can control your destiny if you make a determined effort to forget the past and look to the future.

The key is to empower yourself to think positively toward the future and avoid judging yourself by the past. Embracing change is essential because you’re not going to get new results by doing the same things.

I’m working on a Mastery course so I thought a blog post dealing with the process would be a good step. Mastery ties together nicely with Creating Success. You must create a vision of who you want to be and how to make the “new you” become real. Decide on how you want to live and then don’t settle for less than you can be.

While I can’t magically convert your destiny in this short blog, I can get you started to move in the right direction. Empower yourself to focus on the problem and not the solution. Ask better questions and then keep asking. Take responsibility and then do something about. Questions provide answers. Ask what you can do and then what must I do? Think in terms of new possibilities.

Change is a big part of the answer. If something isn’t working, then make a change and with something that does. It is a process of making constant and never-ending improvement which provides the growth and change that you envision. Keep expanding your references and be willing to trust what you are focused on. Keep your vision and continue moving forward.

Your mind is your greatest asset so use it and trust it. Try to see life as it is and avoid trying to make it worse. You must dream and have the courage to follow your dreams. You need to muster the courage to move forward to fulfilling your vision. See more and judge less so that you are creating solutions and not problems.

The only way you fail is if you quit.