Get a free assessment to find out about the business coaching support you need to increase profitability and maximize cash flow.

Business Coaching

Having an experienced business expert available produces better decisions, achieves 30% greater business growth, and increases profitability and cash flow. The free business assessment allows me to pinpoint issues and problems to provide the foundation for a coaching program. You gain the benefit of my extensive business experience in strategic planning, change management and operations combined with my financial expertise as a CPA and financial executive.

The free assessment tells indicates if more in-depth assessment analysis is needed. The six types of business assessments include:

  1. Overview assessment (broad brush)

  2. Limited assessment (focused on specific areas)

  3. Business situation assessment (financial)

  4. Strategic assessment (foundation for strategic planning)

  5. Business succession assessment (management change or selling business)

  6. Retirement assessment (review of your retirement goals and objectives)

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Business Coaching requires a commitment to regular ongoing support. Here is a video on what a business coach does and why you need one.


Here is a short video explaining the coaching process:


Financial Coaching

Internet technology allows small business owners to have a financial pro (CFO/controller) on their team for a fraction of the cost of a full-time financial manager.

A financial coach  is feasible and affordable. Get regular assessments and analysis of your financial data in real time and start making better decisions to increase your profitability and cash flow. You can utilize financial coaching as  a component of  your financial management team to enhance accounting controls, financial reporting, and financial analysis.