Resource Guides

These Resource Guides give you the answers and solutions needed to help you solve accounting and financial management problems. TheseĀ  Guides are offered on a subscription basis for $120.00 with access for a period of twelve (12) months and is renewable annually.

The Guides provide in depth explanation and description of accounting and financial functions. Accounting and internal control processes are covered in the Controllership Guide and is a reference for business owners and financial managers. Click to access a full description of the content offered in the Guide.

The CFO Guide addresses financial management, cash flow, strategic planning, and many other topics. Click to access a full description on the content offered in the Guide.

The Cost Management Guide is a detailed cost accounting and cost analysis reference. It also addresses lean measurement, performance measurement, and value measurement. Click the link below for a full description of the contents.

The Resource Guides are focused on accounting and financial management so you can get answers to questions or to solve a problem when you need it.

These guides are accessible for one year and renewable annually.

Retirement Resources provides answers to your retirement questions.