Controllership Guide

The Controllership Guide is a reference manual for business owners and financial managers.

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The Controllership Guide is a reference that includes over 100 pages of the detailed information on setting up and managing the accounting and financial management function. The Guide include four sections:

Accounting functions are spelled out and contain descriptions for each key function and how they link to the total business structure.

Financial analysis provides detailed explanation of how to conduct and interpret and analyze financial data and the meaning of all the key ratios and metrics. Asset management, debt management and profitability ratios are covered in depth.

Explanation and description of how to interpret and use the ratios are provided. In addition there is  guidance on how to benchmark your business results against competitors.

Guidance on effective management of working capital is provided plus discussion of capital budgeting and justification of asset purchases. Best practices for cash management are presented together with techniques for managing credit and collections. Management of inventories is outlined in addition to explanation of the use of economic order point models.

The key factors and processes impacting internal control are spelled out. Common internal controls are described combined with questions regarding the effectiveness of each control. All the major types of transactions are discussed together with how to segregate the financial functions to insure that proper controls are in place. The Guide also includes a discussion of controls over computerized accounting systems.