Cost Management Guide

The Cost Management Guide is a reference manual for business owners and financial managers.

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The Cost Management Guide is a reference that provides over a 100 pages describing all the cost accounting and management tools and techniques and how to apply them for effective and profitable decision-making.

It is a complete manual containing all the basic cost management and performance measurement skills and knowledge required for success in today’s business environment and includes the following topics:

This Guide provides the tools and techniques for measuring strategy and achieving greater bottom-line profitability. Measurement of process profitability is described in addition on to how to perform and apply activity analysis to gain a competitive edge. The Guide contains tools and techniques for profitable pricing.

Guidance on how to create performance measurement scorecards together with techniques for product cost analysis. Another key feature of the Guide is application of lean management and measurement tools compared to traditional accounting. Finally, the Guide provides a step by step approach for effective investment deployment and measurement.