Boot Camp for Small Business

The Boot Camp offers essential training for business owners and managers to achieve success and maximize profits.

The Boot Camp provides four building blocks of training required to achieve success, grow, and beat the competition.

The 4-session course includes video presentations allowing you to learn based on your schedule and at your pace. In addition to the course material also includes PDF copies of the presentations.

Session 1:

You’ll learn that there are only four ways to grow a business. We show you how to get things done and how to improve business processes. You learn how to create value and to solve problems. Learn to start working on your business rather than in business.

Session 2:

You’ll learn how to create a vision and a business mission and merge them into a strategic road map. Learn about the various business structures and what might be best for your business. The basics of business planning are spelled out. Finally, accounting measurement fundamentals are provided in an easy to grasp format.

Session 3:

Learn the basics of sales and marketing in addition to customer service. Customer and quality are offered as the only way to differentiate and separate your business from the competition. The essentials of improving business processes are provided in addition to the steps needed to identify the critical success factors that need to be measured.

Session 4:

The Boot Camp wraps up by addressing change and how to manage it. The steps needed to initiate and make change effective are spelled out. In addition, the 8 steps required for change and the action steps to implement them are described and explained. The emphasis on change is critical because without it, achieving the desired results and profitability aren’t possible.

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