I help businesses make better decisions and solve problems. My years of experience as a CPA and a consultant provides access to the essential business and financial management guidance needed to achieve success, greater profitability, and build business value.

My services include a full range of business leadership support in addition to financial management including CFO and Controllership. I help clients stand up to the IRS and guide them in implementing effective tax planning. 

My years of business experience and knowledge give your business a competitive edge.

Special skill areas where I help businesses succeed include:

  • Cannabis operations

  • Strategic and business planning

  • Financial Management

  • Inventory management and cost accounting 

I share my knowledge through learning programs, eBooks, toolkits, and checklists. These tools provide the skills needed to help people achieve business success and  their goals. These resources can be found on Checkpoint Learning, Amazon, and my Store. I am in the process of developing new business and accounting programs using video based learning programs. 

The Boot Camp for Small Business gives you the information and skills needed to build business value and increase profitability. These programs were developed from my books, continuing education programs developed by me, and from my experience at Villanova University where I taught accounting and MBA courses.

My Blog and the Coaches Corner podcast contain lots of business tips to help you solve problems and make better decisions.