I am a skilled business advisor that you can trust to help grow your business and create success.

My focus is helping cannabis businesses navigate IRS code Section 280E and establishing cost of goods sold systems to help them generate maximum profitability.

My cannabis clients include dispensaries, manufacturers, and growers. I have specialized expertise with the IRS code as related to cannabis businesses. Additional skill areas include:

  • Operations

  • Strategic and business planning

  • Change management

  • Cost accounting

  • Inventory management

  • Family-owned businesses

My coaching process provides a step by step technique to help you achieve your goals. Here is a guide explaining these services.

I have created business and financial training programs in addition to the Boot Camp for Small Business to provide small businesses with the skills needed to achieve business growth and increase profitability. These programs were developed from my books, teaching other CPAs, and as a professor for Villanova University where I taught accounting and MBA courses.

Check out my Resource Guides. They provide the key information needed to manage your financial and accounting functions.  

My blog and Coaches Corner podcast contain lots of business ideas to help you solve problems and make better decisions.