Hi, I’m Lynn Northrup

I help business owners:

  • Achieve greater profitability

  • Maximize cash flow, and

  • Increase the value of their business

First, I conduct an assessment of the business to identify your needs and issues. Based on this assessment, a customized business coaching and CFO support program is created to help you solve problems and achieve your objectives. Contact me to learn about this process.

My Boot Camp for Small Business provides a four-step approach for creating business success. Entrepreneurs learn how to use the skills needed to maximize business growth and increase profitability. My training programs have been developed specifically for business owners and their employees. These programs will enhance your business and financial management skills and are affordable.

My subscription GUIDES resource and references provide all the key information needed to manage the financial and accounting elements of your business.

Success Coaching  provides a step by step process to help you and your business achieve your goals. Here is a PDF outlining my Coaching Services.

The “Coaches Corner” is our new podcast containing lots of business tips and guidance to help you be successful.

Check out my Blog. It contains lots of business ideas to improve profitability and increase cash flow and is a great resource to help solve problems and make better decisions.

Receive my FREE Building Business Value© eBook. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter and receive your Free eBook. The eBook outlines the steps needed to create and build business value plus identifies areas of the business where adjustments and changes might be required.