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January 26th, 2017

Building Business Value© is my new eBook that will introduce you to Tools for Success and the launch of the all new We’re giving you this eBook free just for signing up to receive our newsletter.

This new eBook spells out the components of business success using Strategic Optimization. This is the foundation of my Knowledge Center and the content available from the Store.  Along with this great resource, I have created several eBooks, Toolkits, and Reference Guides designed to create success and take you and your business to new heights.

Strategic Optimization is based on seven basic principles that are critical in building a successful business. Building Business Value© describes the following seven steps in detail:

  1. Have a Strategy
  2. Effective Sales and Marketing
  3. Create Effective Processes
  4. Measure Results and Progress
  5. Have Visionary Leadership
  6. Effective Change Leadership
  7. Effectively Utilize Technology

While these steps are common sense, it’s amazing how often they get ignored. These steps represent the foundation of every consulting project which I have used to assess a multitude of companies. I think that business owners can do their own self-assessment to get them on the track of increasing the value of their businesses. I have the tools to help achieve that objective.

 The Self-assessment Toolkit is available in the Store. In addition, The Building Business Value Toolkit is also available. Combining these tools with the free eBook gives business owners a significant edge on their competition.

The New Knowledge Center is my focus for the future. Business owners and managers can gain access to Reference Guides and Training that will provide the tools needed to continue to build business value and to increase profitability.

The Building Business Value© eBook provides the foundation for effective utilization of the Tools for Success. The 10 Step Process links Strategic Optimization to the action steps required to achieve business growth:

  1. Get to the point of pain experienced by the business
  2. Scope out what needs to be done (corrective action)
  3. Orient the business to the reality of economic and market conditions
  4. Manage the scale of the business to fit current and future reality
  5. Structure debt to maximize cash flow
  6. Maximize assets to get the biggest bang for your buck
  7. Optimize products and services
  8. Improve employee effectiveness
  9. Improve profitability
  10. Change the right processes for the right reasons

Common sense tools and methods represent exactly what businesses need as they face tougher and increased amounts of competition. Tools for Success don’t represent silver bullet fixes, just common sense applications of what can work to make the difference between success and failure.

Businesses need to guard against complacency where they can get trapped into a state of denial and deception regarding the reality of the necessary action steps to get things on track. Conducting an effective self-assessment can be the difference between Success and Failure. The Self-Assessment Toolkit provides a solid framework of instruction on how to conduct an assessment combined with checklists and questionnaires.

Another area where businesses struggle is the development of effective strategic thinking to make the business vision and mission become reality. The Strategic Thinking and Planning Toolkit guides business owners through the process of defining their business future. You gain the tools to ask the right questions such as what business could we be in and what business should we be in? Also, there is the question as to what business shouldn’t we be in? You gain the tools to determine your unique strategic profile and to develop effective value propositions.

The New web site sets direction with Building Business Value©, the Knowledge Center, and eBooks  provide the foundation for developing action plans. With these invaluable tools, you will receive the guidance to determine what needs to take place and the specific steps or actions needed to get there. Use these tools and take your business to new heights and greater profitability!

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