Coaches Can Help

August 4th, 2011

Business and life can be a lonely journey. How often have you thought how nice it would be to have someone to give you advice and support in making tough decisions and keeping your business on the right path? I have given this topic a lot of thought lately. This blog has provided lots of great advice, tips, and ideas over the years.

I teach Accounting and Finance for non-financial managers and an MBA refresher class for the University Alliance and Villanova University. It is really business and guidance in contrast to what many people would characterize as just being a CPA. In addition I write for a top golf sports psychologist who works with PGA touring pros. It boils down to providing advice to high performance individuals and helping them get to the top.

I think my web site offers the same level of guidance. People just don’t realize they can get high performance coaching just by asking. They think CPA and related it to accounting, finance, and taxes. Coaching entails a whole lot more. You can get help with strategy, creating vision, change management, marketing, and operational improvement. In addition, you might need help with organization management or succession planning.

Based on traveling the country and working with and for some of the top professionals and managers in business has provided me with a unique background of skills and knowledge. I can provide financial advice if that is part of the coaching equation, but in addition you have the benefit of access to a trusted business advisor.

Coaching will be our new focus and in the coming weeks and months I will be working to fine tune the delivery model so you have access no matter where you are located. Join me as we make the journey into providing new levels of service and support so you can get to the top of your game.