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Welcome to Northrupcpa.com. Our focus is ​helping business owners and entrepreneurs ​by providing them a foundation for Building Business Value. My mission is to provide the benefit of my years of experience as a business executive, CPA, consultant, and a teacher to help businesses grow and be successful. My clients have achieved record sales growth and profitability. I want you to have the same experience.

I offer a foundation of new knowledge content in the form of booklets, checklists, toolkits, learning programs, and individual coaching focused on:

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Business Skills
  • Starting a Business
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change

Learning modules will be provided in self-paced virtual formats. Coaching is available offering individual support and attention. My knowledge and teachings have been developed into topical easy to read booklets. In addition, I will be offering access to business knowledge on a subscription basis.

My focus is ​to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers that want to enhance their business skills and grow the value of their business.

The changes to my web site will be offered over the next few weeks so please be patient as I make the ​revisions. Please contact me with any questions.

My blog offers guidance through numerous articles on a variety of current topics. Also, based on my actual life experiences and working with a peak performance coach who coaches professional athletes, I also offer personalized lifestyle retirement coaching and financial guidance.

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Starting a New Business
A business plan will help to answer the question of whether you have enough money to start and grow the business.
Measuring Performance
Measurement starts with a strategy, goals, and plans. Knowing where you are going and what’s needed to get there is critical. This is where most small businesses fail to do a good job. They need help with planning and making sense out of measurement. A good coach and CFO support can be a difference maker.

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