Business Coach and Virtual CFO  

I have been helping businesses solve their financial and operational problems and assisting in developing strategic business strategies for over 30 years. My track record in guiding clients to achieving record sales growth and profits over this time period is outstanding. They received a complete range of expert business and financial advice as spelled out in my book Dynamics of Profit Focused Accounting and the numerous Thompson Reuter’s learning and training modules which I have created.

After a period of writing and teaching, I decided that the cloud would be a great way to help clients so they receive my full attention and support. The cloud has been the difference maker.

I utilize the latest cloud tools to provide virtual business coaching and CFO services that enable me to support and work with clients anywhere in the world. You will get the benefit of a profit focused accounting system based on my years of experience as a controller, CFO, and a consultant. I have walked the walk, been there, and done it. NorthrupCPA offers proven solutions to help you be successful.

My blog offers guidance through numerous articles on a variety of current topics. Also, based on my actual life experiences and working with a peak performance coach who coaches professional athletes, I can offer personalized lifestyle retirement coaching and financial guidance.

Take a look around and see what I have to offer. I don't charge for initial consultations so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Starting a New Business
A business plan will help to answer the question of whether you have enough money to start and grow the business.
Measuring Performance
Measurement starts with a strategy, goals, and plans. Knowing where you are going and what’s needed to get there is critical. This is where most small businesses fail to do a good job. They need help with planning and making sense out of measurement. A good coach and CFO support can be a difference maker.

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