Business and Financial Knowledge plus Resources for Retiring Baby Boomers

I have gained knowledge from my experience as a CPA, financial executive, and a consultant to provide resources to help people and organizations achieve their goals and manage the future. In addition, my first hand experience with issues related to retirement and elder care provided me with an abundance of valuable information for seniors and retirees.

This web site combined with writing books, booklets, and articles allows me to help more people rather than providing advice to a few clients. An example is the information provided on when to file for Social Security. I will be providing new material and resources going forward.

I have experienced and lived through most of the issues facing boomers as they retire and start their new lives which motivated me to write Navigating Retirement and the Challenges of Aging. The book is available on Amazon. If you would like to learn more about it you can download the first chapter for free at the this link: NR_Promotion_Chapter 1.pdf.

Mybooks, booklets, and articles are focused on helping boomers and businesses. I developed an eldercare service model that will benefit CPAs interested in creating a elder practice as well as older adults looking for assistance.

I have created a number of programs provided by Checkpoint Learning (Thompson Reuters). These programs offer a wide variety of information and on a wide range of topics. My newest Thompson Reuters project is a program for the 21st Century CFO.

In addition to teaching and writing, my goal is to help boomer businesses get started, grow, and build value.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.



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