Lessons from Ben Franklin

October 23rd, 2017

Benjamin Franklin was one of the fathers of our country. He provided wisdom we can use effectively today. His 14 Lessons were provided in our newsletter and I thought it might be good to review them here. They’re listed below:

  1. Less Talk, More Action
  2. Don’t Procrastinate
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Don’t Fight Change
  5. Get Moving
  6. Avoid Busywork
  7. Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes
  8. Act Quickly on Opportunities
  9. Continue to Grow
  10. Keep Going
  11. Know Yourself
  12. Don’t Self Sabotage
  13. Don’t Give Up
  14. Wise Up

While all the lessons should be followed there a few that I would like to highlight.

First, “don’t procrastinate” links to less talk and more action. Just think about how much time goes by thinking and talking about what we are going to do. Just do it will save a lot of time and produce more results.

When you’re trying to create success, you are constantly dealing with change. Change is a constant challenge. The cycle of change occurs in stages. The tendency is to do the right thing and do it well but you discover that the right thing is now the wrong thing. Then you do the new right thing, but do it poorly. Eventually you do the right thing well.

Implementing successful change requires creating high-impact and inescapable confrontations. The key to successful implementation is focusing on the core contrasts and engaging all five senses in the experience. Confront issues and don’t avoid them. Find and see the new direction or destination. Then believe in a path to take you to doing the right thing and doing it well.

The other lessons I’d like to highlight is keep going and don’t give up. Make sure the destination or target is clear. Then acquire the skills resources, and tools to reach the destination. If the destination isn’t clear, what’s the chance of getting there. Be clear on each step of the journey so you know where you are going.

Believe in your vision and your destination, keep going, and don’t give up.