Business Resources

February 25th, 2017

The New Business Resources offers membership access to exclusive training webinars in addition to some outstanding financial and business management reference material.

These new offerings are exciting. The Reference Guides are a new concept. Business owners can gain access to extensive financial knowledge and reference material just by subscribing for each Guide. There are three Guides offering a full range of guidance and support on managing a financial function:

  • Controllership Guide
  • CFO Guide
  • Cost Management Guide

These Guides provide complete references and directions on implementing and operating a business financial function.

Detailed explanation of the contents of each Reference Guide is provided. The membership fee is $49.95 for a full year (12 months) of access. The material is easily accessed and available when you need reference information or an answer to a question.

The Controllership Guide addresses the accounting function, financial analysis, and internal control. The CFO Guide deals with a wider range of financial management issues such as debt and equity structure, financing, and levels of financial analysis. The Cost Management Guide provides an abundance of specialized information on cost accounting, cost management, and techniques for performing cost analysis.

Retirement Resources is a great tool for retirees and those considering retirement and is based on my work in the areas of retirement planning and elder care. It provides an abundance of information on a wide variety of retirement topics. There are also links to web sites that I researched during the course of developing multiple study programs and my Navigating Retirement book.

My new eBook Accounting Basics for Business is focused on detailing accounting basics for business owners and managers. The eBook gives them the information needed to understand and utilize accounting systems. Another eBook, Basics of Business Financial Management, addresses financial management and analysis and the use of accounting reports. Based on my experience from teaching MBAs, I created Basic Business Skills outlining the basic business skills needed to cope in today’s business environment.

The store also features toolkits and checklists to assist in managing business financial functions. Check out business tools, retirement resources, and the store. I think you’ll find the information and knowledge to help you achieve success.