Work Simplification

November 21st, 2008

In these days of uncertainty and tough economic conditions it is critical to take all the necessary steps to keep costs under control. Usually the first step most companies take is to wield a big sharp axe and cut their payroll, often without thought or consideration. I have a better approach. How about work simplification.

Here’s how it works. Gather each supervisor and employee and have them challenge every detail of their jobs. Here are a list of questions they should ask:

  • What is its purpose?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • Where should it be done?
  • When should it get done?
  • Who should do it?
  • How should it be done to get better results?

This is a simple process that can pay big dividends. It will also give you good feedback on which supervisors and which employees are really thinking. Give it a try and my guess is that it will pay dividends.

In the long run it might be a sharper tool than the unwieldly axe.