Future Thoughts and Action

November 1st, 2008

I am having fun writing the new blog and wonder why it didn’t get started sooner. That being said I thought it would be good to let you know where we are going and what we have planned as we get this new web site moving down the road. I will also be developing a bi-monthly newsletter so be sure and sign up to receive it.

I wanted you to know that we are in the process of formalizing all of the BBV tools and work templates so you will have access to these tools to deal with the economic crisis. In the meantime just contact me and ask about any area where you need help or have questions. I have the capability to provide on-line virtual consulting support and training. So if you need or want assistance before I formally complete manuals or training programs, I can still help you using these virtual tools. I can also provide on-line training so you get get access to me, my materials and training just by asking.

In the future I will be providing formal training programs on how to deliver consulting services, conducting operational and strategic assessments, and other services. I will also be developing and offering an accounting and financial basics training program for business owners. In addition I will offer sessions on strategic planning, budgeting, SWOT assessments and how to survive the economic meltdown.

I have been teaching internet courses for some time and decided that this capability would be a good addition to the written material provided in my books, toolkits, and checklists. I can actually interface and communicate with you to respond immediately to your questions and provide PowerPoint presentations so you will receive real time instructional support. You can also receive consulting support and coaching over the internet. All we have to do is schedule a session, provide you with the proper instructions and you will be good to go. I encourage you to contact me via phone or e-mail to take advantage of this support.