Rethinking the Future

October 10th, 2016

My online social presence has been pretty quiet the past few months as I stopped to re-evaluate the future of my business. The thought process has been focused and intense as I contemplated where to take my 40+ years of knowledge and expertise in today’s busy and evolving business world. It was a much needed process  and I recommend it to every business owner and entrepreneur.

For most, there will come a time when one just needs to stop and decide the best direction as you travel forward in your journey of life. It didn’t seem right to be pumping out blog posts while going through the process of discovering this new direction. So, I decided to rethink the concept of the virtual CFO and Controller in a more focused and intense time of contemplation.

While I think many business owners urgently need the help which I can offer, they first must understand why they need it and to what degree they need it. Therefore, I decided that the best service I could provide to today’s busy business owners and entrepreneurs was to share my knowledge and expertise in a variety of formats and at affordable rates.

I have created easy-to-read and implement booklets, toolkits, and learning programs focused on the two most important aspects of running a successful business; accounting and business knowledge. In addition, I have packaged personal advice developed throughout my 40 years of financial management and executive business experience in accessible, simple and self-paced learning programs.

As you can imagine, it has taken a considerable amount of effort and thought to bring business owners the tools they need to manage their businesses in a variety of formats such as these. But today’s world demands quick and simple solutions,  and as a lifelong learner myself, I realized that the need for what I have to offer is great enough to go the extra mile in discovering the best ways in which I can offer it.

So, I have created several easy to read booklets, and I have been developing self-paced learning programs. The learning programs will be offered in the form of recorded webinars featuring accounting, financial management, and basic business skills. The new products will be affordable and will easily fit within the busy schedules of today’s business owners and entrepreneurs.

In addition to booklets and learning programs, I will be offering an online subscription site which will allow subscribers direct access to exclusive content on a much wider range of business and finance topics and at a more in-depth level of application for their businesses.

As I evaluated and analyzed what I felt should be my target market of business owners and entrepreneurs starting business, I concluded that cost effective knowledge and training was the right direction. The virtual CFO and Controller support is still there for those who need it and want it but this won’t be my primary business focus.

Charting the new course has taken much longer than I had anticipated. But, the resulting products will be cutting edge accounting and financial management information which business owners can use immediately!

The ease of use as well as the ability to gain access to my expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a virtual CFO or Controller will be worth the wait! So, please be patient as all these new products are introduced and made available. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when you can start utilizing my expertise for the success of your business!