July 19th, 2016

My last post talked about knowledge and the transition process of providing a variety of new offerings and programs. A key element of knowledge is learning and how it is delivered. I have developed new learning programs focused on accounting, finance, and business skills that will soon be available in a self-paced learning format. This will just be the start of my new learning programs.

I have been searching for ways to convert my knowledge base into workable formats that would enable easy transfer for students. My delivery system will include a mix of power point programs, podcasts, video, interactive chat, and recorded webinars. This platform allows students to learn by using a self-paced approach that fits their schedule.

The new learning programs will cover a four week period to facilitate transferring a significant amount of knowledge efficiently over the duration of the program. Students can set their own pace for learning to absorb the knowledge being offered. I started with programs focused on the basic business tools since this is an area where small businesses and employees of mid-sized business need help. These initial programs provide the foundation for continuous learning.

Once the learning platform is launched, I will be offering more advanced programs dealing with financial statement analysis, cash flow management, and the basics of cost accounting. Some knowledge sharing will be subscription based sites. Other more advanced learning topics such as strategy, change, and risk management will be offered in course format. These topics and others will be available as the new learning modules are developed.

The development of the learning programs provides fresh new material and topics to continuously build on the established learning foundation. Students can participate in the learning program at any point with the understanding that new material will become available on a regular basis.

I will also be developing booklets that link to each new learning program. The booklets will provide everyone with a solid supplement to improve their knowledge base. These programs also establish a foundation for participation in coaching programs.

We’re excited about offering the new learning programs which will be available soon. Promotional one time offerings on the new courses will be offered in the near future, so stay tuned.