Strategic and Competitive Analysis

Learn the essentials of business strategy and analyzing the competition and how to apply these concepts to improve profitability and build your business value.

The course is offered at a cost of $99.95 with access for three months.

You get access to the tools for making more effective and profitable business decisions. This course is a self-paced program utilizing webinar presentations combined with copies of the power point presentation and supporting content.

Here are the learning components of the program:

  • Strategic Business Components and Variables
  • Learn to Apply the Six-Step Assessment Process for evaluating your Strategic Situation
  • Grasp the Five Forces that Determine the Nature and Intensity of Competition
  • Learn the Steps required to Create Cost Leadership and Focus
  • Build Differentiation and Create Focus to Dominate the Competition
  • Strategic Performance Indicators are Presented together with their Application
  • Learn how to Develop a Competitive Profile
  • Get the Basics of Creating a Competitor Intelligence System

This self-paced program provides you with the tools to beat the competition and achieve record sales and profitability. These proven tools and techniques will work with any size business. The course will put you a step above the competition and on the fast track to building increased business value.

This course will roll out by mid-2017. The webinars will be recorded so you can participate if you are unable to attend the presentations. Copies of the slides will be available in addition to content supporting the presentations.