Change Management

Learn the Essentials of Change Management and how to implement and manage change. You will gain an understanding of business processes and how to more effectively manage them.

The course is offered at a cost of $99.95 with access for three months.

Gain insight into the fundamentals of change and how to implement them to achieve improved profitability. This course provides the tools to make more effective and profitable business decisions. The course is self-paced program utilizing webinar presentations combined with copies of the presentations and supplemental content.

Here are the learning objectives for Essentials of Change Management:

  • Understanding Business Process
  • Assessment and Analysis of Business Processes
  • Process Documentation
  • The Fundamentals of Change
  • Learning the Process of Honest Communication
  • The 8 Step Process for Change
  • The Seven Levels of Change
  • Making Process Improvements Work

This course provides the tools and techniques for making effective changes, getting things done, and improving the effectiveness of businesses processes. This course will take you and your business into a new world of achievement, success, and profitability.

The course will roll out in mid-2017. The webinars will be recorded so you can participate if you are unable to attend the presentations. Copies of the slides are offered in addition to PDF content to supplement the presentations.