Basic Business Skills

This course is a basic introduction to Basic Business Skills.

The presentation is offered at a cost of $9.95 with unlimited access to copies of the presentation slides.

This five part presentation is a self-paced learning program is designed to provide business owners the essential fundamentals of the basic skills needed to operate a successful business. Business owners and entrepreneurs will learn the basics of business organizations and growing a business. The main components covered in the webinar series include marketing, operational management, financial basics and business law in addition to the fundamentals of economics. The learning program covers the essentials basic skills required to manage a business.

Here are the key topics covered in the webinars:

  • Business organizations
  • Growing your business
  • Change management
  • Essentials of marketing
  • The marketing process
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Pricing essentials
  • Operational management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Fundamentals of economics
  • Basics of business laws
  • Essentials of financial management

The program includes copies of the presentation slides. Please click register to access the course and then you will unlimited access to the program.